Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vintage Christmas 2012

After Thanksgiving my dad brought over a few old albums that were full of beautiful black and white and sepia prints dating back to 1901 time frame. They had belonged to a family friend who was a confirmed bachelor and an only child who had outlived all the rest of his family. My great grandmother use to cook for him and he would take her to the store when she could no longer drive. He considered us his family. When he passed he left my dad and me all of his earthly belongings..For some reason these pieces of furniture and photos etc are very precious to me. So when dad dropped the albums off I pondered what could I do with them. They were to unique to stick on a shelf or in a drawer. It dawned on me after seeing a picture on Pinterest depicting a family picture runner for a wedding that this could be the perfect table runner for my family Christmas dinner I host every year. A great conversation piece and a way to include Walter and his memories into the holiday. I taped the photos to black poster board and ran burlap around the edges. I still have it out and it's St Patrick's Day. I can't bring myself to put them back in their book!

            The rest of the photos I made into ornaments for one of our trees and added old book pages made into ornaments to compliment the vintage photos. 

            The book page ornaments really were dazzling when back lit with the tree lights
                                                Our old lady "Porter" getting into the holiday spirit
                                              Our young pup "Roxy" just relaxing in front of the fire
            Our entry way is cathedral shaped and the light is suspended 18-20ft up. I thought this area needed a little decorating. I used a vine wreath and wrapped it with hemlock and pine branches mixed with garland, pinecones, turkey feathers, sumac and magnolia leaves...whatever I could find in my or my parents yard :)

                   Branches and Sumac Berry Clusters made a pretty (and inexpensive) Entrance

In the kitchen a deer head made of driftwood hung above a garland with old sign letters spelling out Merry Christmas

Christmas Card Picture for 2012

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