Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafting Makes Me Happy!

My husband has perfected the eye roll and huff when he sees "possible crafting materials" appear on our counters, tables, floors (anywhere but my crafting room upstairs)  He has good reason to have these dramatic reactions... I love to find "junk", scraps, rubbage and "make" something out of eyes light up at the sight of an old piece of a tree that's laying in the woods or side of the road..I WILL own it!

 Thus this piece of tree I carried out (it was heavier than it looked) for miles on a hike because it would be                                  
                                             the perfect addition to my porch floral decorations.
                                                One of my "BOSSES" supervising my work~
I used shims from Lowes and layed them fat to skinny ends and glued them to the plywood using wood glue around the mirror in the middle..Then I stained the mirror with about 4 different stains I had in the garage to give it a weathered and relatively easy project. Would make a great gift or you could even transform it into a smaller picture frame. (this was about 3 feet by 3 feet in size if not larger)

My loving husband was out of town during this crafting frenzy...I am now banned from mirror making unless I sign an agreement that it will be given away or sold asap.
I use home made buttons on my purses and bags I sell on Etsy so I thought they would make a great mirror design/decor. After dulling on compound miter saw blade I had this beautiful mirror (or atleast I think this 50 lb mirror is beautiful like all moms think their baby is the cutest ever!)

yes I have saw horses, yes I am lazy and decided to use the recycling bin that was next to me...probably not the safest way to do this scroll cutting...but...I'm still alive with all fingers, toes and eyes fully functioning.

So now that I was banned from mirrors I moved on to Pallet Furniture. I'm lucky my dad and father in law have access with their businesses to and endless supply of pallets!
I picked a weathered pallet and used blue and reddish colors as base colors with a white wash on top followed by a crackle weathered paint texture on top to give it that old look.

Vintage Book Page Wreath.
 I purchased old Readers Digest books from Goodwill and used a scalloped circular cutter to make a ton of circles that I spiraled and ran about 15 at a time on a floral wire from the dollar tree and wove them around a cheap wreath from Michaels. Added Felt flowers I made from scrap felt and ta da....... cheap door decor.

Good use of a drawer full of "good nights"/corks. (don't judge my massive collection that was in need of use to make room for more) I super glued the corks to a wreath and wrapped it with burlap.the burlap hides any imperfections with strategic placement.
With more left over corks I took a wooden cut out of our Inital and super glued corks with wine stained side facing out. Makes for great wedding or birthday gifts!
   I used the same technique to crackle/antique paint the frame as the pallet table and took an old Alabama 
                                                    license plate to make a cute decoration on the side


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