Sunday, March 17, 2013

He Asked And She Said YES! Surprise Engagement Party!

My friend Elizabeth's boyfriend asked a bunch of her friends if we would come and throw a small celebration after he asked her to marry him. He planned to ask her on Mt Mitchell about 2 plus hours from their house. The girls were all waiting to caravan 20 min behind them to set up the celebration!
They're such a sweet couple everyone was thrilled to get to do this for them!  I thought for awhile of what we could do to make it special. I saw a saying "he asked and she said yes" and realized there were exactly enough of us girls going to each wear one of those words on a shirt and line up to face her when she came to the party!  We cut out the letters in fabric and fabric bonded them onto t-shirts
                         We were just hoping these shirts all fit since we guessed sizes!

                                         A chalk board sign
                                            Heather sewing individual diamond ring bling onto the shirts
hanging pom balls from the previous baby shower!
                                           fighting the wind on top of the mountain :)

                                        The shelter we used
                                           30 minutes and we had this all together not to shabby

                                Reusing the pallet box and chenille throw from the baby shower
                                     We made them t-shirts that were black/white with LO-VE on each one

                                            The Ladies..Bridesmaids
Had to have a litte fun while waiting! :)

Ready to greet the couple when they come down the mountain!
Here they come..
She was really truly surprised!! SOO awesome! 

                                            Hugs from friends and mom!
                                           The story of how she said yes!

                                           Cheers to many more happy years~
Now a few photos to commemorate the day!

                                            whew! we guessed the height difference for these shirts!

                                         releasing the balloons for good luck and sending them off with a wish

                                            flying high on love!
                                                  Kristin, Heather and Me on top of the mtn

congratulations and can't wait till 05-11-13~

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