Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hi My Name Is Katie and I Am A Cakeaholic

My favorite thing to cook or bake is CAKE! My sweet tooth gets excited at the thought of a birthday, party or any reason to make a screams...Hey, It's Monday...let's celebrate with a cake!

                           For Amy's Bachlorette Party.... "Hot Mess" Cake... I made a                                                                    
        champagne cake with champagne icing..actually it was a great flavor I was worried traveling 3 hours with it to the beach it might turn into a real MESS~

It was fun to give Barbie a new running eyeliner with bed head hair kind of look:)

                              A Carrot Cake for a Co-Worker's Birthday with one of my Iris' on top
         All Kate's daughter wanted was a purple unicorn cookie cake...LOVE 6 year olds imaginations!
  Baseball cupcakes for my friend Stefanie's nephew's Birthday..I didn't know how hard it would be to use twizzlers as stitching!
                                                 Spider Mum Strawberry Cake
                             For My "Booty"ful friend Elizabeth's Birthday! A Whale Tail of a cake :)

 One of my dear friends turned the big 4-0 but decided she'd rather celebrate 0-4!
                        She'sso beautiful and never ages!
For Erica who loves all things sex in the city style..New York Panoramic around the edge with shopping bags and boxes and a cosmo cocktail on top! Fabulous cake for a Fabulous friend!

  My Sister In Law (who I threw the Jungle Shower for in a previous post) LOVES dragons, frogs the color green and knitting!
I thought while (yet again) she was in town I would throw her a birthday party (whether she wanted it or's a wonder she ever comes back to s.c!). This cake wasn't easy to make but it came out ok after a LOT of icing patching! It was made from 2 round cakes halved. 1/2 for the body 1/2 for the tail and the other cut up into different shapes for the head, neck and legs.

                                       Happy Birthday Rachel!
  Carrot Cake my mom's favorite and a statue that I found in a drawer that she gave me in middle school.(everyone over the age of 30 has to remember these cherub statues)
  oreo cookie cake for the hubby who's birthday is on valentine's day!
                                             and a cookie tree for his birthday party
Another Oreo Cookie Cake topped with a 20 lb bow and a monogram for my bff Sarah!

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