Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sex In The City~"Hello Lover" kind of party

Everyone seems to be selling something "on the side" to supplement their income nowadays ...Even myself!  Sometimes you want to melt onto the floor and disappear through a crack when you feel pressured to buy  overpriced baking or cleaning products or jewelry that breaks the first time you wear it at a friend's party... things you will never use or wouldn't even consider buying if you passed it in a store. BUT... One of my dental hygienist friends from college decided to start a brown bag party biz. I offered to be her first party to help her get comfortable with selling "good times in a bag". And I have to admit I was excited to host this risqué shower,. I mean what papmered chef or marykay party do you get a Kama Sutra  and one free item as a hostess gift! ;)
  I LOVE vintage pin-up pictures and thought this was fitting for the party cake..Devil's Food Chocolate :)
I took an old picture frame and tissue paper and cut a silhouette out of black construction paper to make a "window" as the centerpiece of the food table..oh la la!

 I love making these tissue balls. These made the light have a pink/red hue for the party

and another silhouette for the beverage table 
                                                of course everyone got lei'd as they came in..

                                                And left with a brown bag of fun!

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