Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Look Whooo's Expecting" Baby Shower!

In 2010 one of my dear friends WHOOO I have known since middle school was having her first bambino and we both were thinking of a theme and spouted out we LOVED owls!  
For the invitations I made up a template probably using a wine bottle bottom  and cut owls from a silver brush stroked paper that resembled feathers and used an underlying "tail feather" looking paper..I framed it at the shower so there's a glare on the frame and since this was so long ago I have no idea where any extras might be...

For the party favor there were packets of seeds  wrapped in owl wrappers with "Hope you had a hoot at Amanda's Shower!" The seeds were 4 for a $1 at the dollar store and I  made up the label template and printed them. An inexpensive but cute parting gift.

I was "sew" tired of sewing little owls but they turned out pretty cute perched on a wreath and a clothesline plus she could use them in the nursery afterwards!
                                             Little Owls Perched On A Clothes Line

                                               Beverage Table

                                                   Everyone's Favorite Part of a Party...FOOD!

                                                WHOOOO Doesn't Love Dessert?!

                                                   With My Beautiful Friend

                                           An attentive audience of nieces and friends

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