Monday, March 18, 2013

Hawaiian Honeymoon Travel Wedding Shower

What kind of wedding/bridal shower is perfect for a couple that have every household item they could need?
                                       A Honeymoon Wedding Shower! 

We started researching couples shower themes and finally decided to help make their honeymoon as awesome as possible by raising money for it! Since weddings can put a cash crunch on the about help the couple breath easier and RELAX after their big day!  Since they were going to Hawaii we came up with a vintage Hawaiian travel shower to take some of the cheese out of the luau party connotation.

I made up a plane ticket invitation and perforated it using a sewing pattern marking wheel..

The bride wanted everyone to dress hawaiian style so we made sure to include that on the side (and we had some awesome outfits show up!)

The description on the invite explained for people to take a baggage tag of their choice that was included in the envelope and place it in their card with their gift "funds"

The guys that got this invitation were really confused by everything that fell out of the envelope! OOPs! I know, us women like to complicate everything! 
The reason I made up 3 "baggage tags" for the invitations was to give people an opportunity to delegate their money to some certain activity the couple would be doing on the trip and a way for the couple to write thank you notes and thank the guest for something specific that they will do on their honeymoon.

I cut out the tags from card stock paper and found images on the internet to cohesively combine: Hawaii, vintage travel and honeymoon.. 
I lucked up and found a stamp at Hobby Lobby to put on the envelopes to make it look like a postcard

  The 3 of us hostesses have collected enough vintage or Hawaiian things over the years we didn't really have to buy too much in the way of decorations.. just use some imagination and lots of cutting and folding of a poor atlas from the thrift store
  Heather cut out the arrows for the directional sign and we all painted and labeled them with different towns representing where the couple met, lived separately, will live together, got engaged, went on vacation this year and their honeymoon destination.  This now resides in their garden/patio area  after we dropped it off after the shower ;)

I painted these little favor boxes/suitcases using a sponge brush, mod podged travel stickers on them and glued on leather strips as handles and travel tags thanking guests from m&e. Inside were chocolate covered macadamia nuts and coffee beans that H and I had a lot of fun making 

These little favor box/suitcases were placed at the entrance/exit for guest

 The Gift/Card Suitcase

Map Garland (from left over map pieces), Old Pallet Board, Mail Box, and Hand Made Antiqued Postcards (Thanks K for making the pretty cards!) made up an area where guests could leave their sentiments for the couple to read later. The flowers were a "PEN" bouquet (Thanks H)

Tins from the dollar store served as the silverware holders. I painted little pieces of wood with chalkboard paint and attached the origami map flowers. Less than $1.25 in each one!

                             I used waterproof ink to stamp the suitcases onto the napkins!
                                            Map Heart and Flower Garland on the Food Table

The food place cards had the Hawaiian name of the food on the top..English on the bottom. K put together a beautiful menu of :

                                                   The Roasted pork was used to make pork tacos

                                      Couture Cakes Made this beautiful suitcase cake. The topper I bought online. Thank goodness a patient told me about the only place in town that had the birds of paradise flowers out of season..

             I had a few old grass mats in the garage K thought of wrapping the bar front with and I cut out the letter...and we had a tiki bar!
                                          H's homemade Blueberry Wine Sangria!

              Dollar store vases wrapped in rope with antiqued Hawaiian pictures glued to them.
  This trunk was purchased on my girls only b-day camping trip during the world's longest yard sale in TN this past summer. We were glad it could be a part of the shower!

                                                  paper airplanes

                                            H hung paper airplanes from the ceiling of the venue (On the Roxx)
Hostesses with the Bride. Kristin, Elizabeth, Me, Heather dressed Hawaiian style
                                             The Wonderful Couple


  1. Thanks for the great ideas that will help me. I am so used to the typical bridal showers and was lost when this came up. :)

  2. Thanks. Glad it helped you! Pinterest has some awesome ideas. I created a board just for this theme when I was planning it

  3. Do you happen to know the dimensions for the arrows?

  4. Adorable bridal shower!! The chocolate fountain is truly best. Planning to have this in my own bridal shower arranged at New York wedding venues. Will take my friend’s help who is an event planner. Want to make it memorable.