Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Family Tree Is "Branching Out" Baby Shower

I love shopping for baby girl showers! Everything is so much cuter and there's so many different options to choose from. Poor boys, it doesn't get any easier to shop for you the older you get I'm sad to say. So when Lindsay found out she was having a girl the second time around she was in need of a girly shower with frilly fun gifts she did not receive when she had her baby boy!
I made these invitations by cutting little branches that stood out from the paper and glued them on top of layered paper because I couldn't quite find invitations that had all of these colors and aspects I wanted  for the price I wanted to pay.  These took a little more time but were inexpensive which is my favorite thing!
A Mimosa Bar
                                               I loved my tj-maxx find of rubber flower wine glass tags!

 Coffee filter poms covered the light. They were dyed different shades of peach and pink by soaking them in peach tea, They smelled just peachy!

                                  the riser for the centerpiece was made from old pallet boards

                              the pallet boards came in handy..they made a cheap and easy serving plate for the            
                             veggies in a cup
                              Cinnamon buns on Popsicle sticks were displayed by sticking them into Styrofoam              
                              covered by burlap in a pallet box
                                       Her favorite..Strawberry cake

 Thanks pinterest for teaching me to make cake and cookie stands..This was a $1 beer glass painted on the inside and glued to a $1 dollar store plate. $2.50 well spent (incl paint)!


Me, Lindsay and the hostesses   

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