Friday, August 8, 2014


Like an excited kid I keep pondering what to be this howl-o-ween ..... I posted previously pics of my costumes over the years and left out two I made after the mad hatter one last year. I'm lucky enough to have friends who love Halloween or at least enjoy a good party as much as I do.
This was a cat and mouse outfit made from a cheap blanket and extra fleece in my sewing room with ears of floral wire and a headband. Not my best work but it had to do in a pinch

My easiest and favorite was the leg lamp from the Christmas Story movie. I had an old shade in the attic so I cut the top metal frame with wire snips and hot glued a ribbon around the top to create a tie to get in and out of it. Unfortunately I didn't  think this costume through and bathroom breaks proved quite difficult. Thank goodness for friends who help you out during crazy costume malfunctions and take  incriminating photos while doing this and even start to plan next years halloweens outfits after all the craziness of my ill thought out last minute costume.