Sunday, September 8, 2013

Red Solo Cup, I Fill You Up..We're Here To Party..Redneck Style

Everyone who knows me knows I love to throw parties and showers. Nothing makes me happier than helping my friends celebrate milestones in their lives and make those moments special. I love birthdays the most because its a celebration of the day your life's rollercoaster ride started.
I will preface this post with an explanation of my love for birthday parties. I  am the only child of a very loving but o.c.d mother who followed my crumb dropping friends around our house with a dust buster griping... Thus the thought of a birthday party with 20 rug rats running around her house covered in icing touching the walls and furniture and tracking dirt in on her beige carpet would cause blood pressure spiking,sweat inducing heart palpitations for her. Thus my parties were limited to 1-3 friends  celebrating far away from our house. They were fun but after many years of attending friends parties and pining for large, loud and crazy celebrations of my own I took matters into my own hands. Over the years my wonderful friends have realized how much birthdays mean to me and have helped throw some awesome parties for me! 
This year I decided to do a theme party I've been talking about for awhile.
REDNECK WHITE TRASH BASH solo cup, moonshine drinking, mullet wearing kinda shindig. With the help of two awesome friends providing some truly delicious southern  grub and a Twinkie birthday cake this party was off the duct tape hook!  
Needless to say it started with a few hours of walking and picking up beer cans. One  mans trash became this woman's treasure! I'm fortunate to have good friends who walk with me and aren't embarrassed of me clanking down the road with grocery bags of cans and hub caps. 

My dad has always supported my art and crafting by supplying me with random odds and ends. Thanks to him I had an awesome redneck hot tub,tires, cooler from a plastic many things to name. 
The front yard was filled with garbage and a hot tub made from my old horses' water holder lined with plastic tarp and a sign table and a trailer park lot marker and a plethora of flamingos!A chair made from tires and foam board covered in a camo seat cover and a pallet table I made a few years ago. 
Redneck pool or hot tub
A chair made from tires and foam board covered in a camo seat cover and a pallet table I made a few years ago. 

An outhouse from a louvered closet door w a kitty litter toilet with a functioning seat and sassy cover.

 Love my wood burning kit to make signs! 

Beer cans picked up walking were hot glued together to line the sidewalk. 

The wreath was a hub cap roadside  find with "flowers"made from license plates. 

And my dear hubby who hates theme parties made these awesome corn hole boards!! He can't wait to take them to Clemson tailgates this year! 
And if you were feeling dirty step on up to the shower with the garden hose bungie corded to our flower arbor with plastic cammo table cloth shower curtains.

I made some roosters that will be taken to the Clemson vs USC game. Love these have a dual propose now. 
Solo cup pinwheels


On the back porch I made a red solo cup beer bottle Christmas light strand and a beer cooler made by dad. Along with enough fake flowers to look like I robbed a cemetery
Dual purpose beer cooler and dog watering trough. Glad everyone loves dogs here

Inside the house I used old license plates to recover our chandelier and made our breakfast table light a hat and dip/cigarette holder w clips from our laundry drying rack. 

Worlds best birthday cake!! Lil Debbie and hostess cakes!! Thanks to Elizabeth and Kristin or this spread of BBQ and sides with jerkey, cheese whiz crackers, moon pies, fritos with venison chilli K made and E's spare tires and cake

Spray foam makes awesome foaming beer and words. Bottoms up!! 3 of the 5 bottles of moonshine. A redneck party isn't complete without moonshine and solo cups and flamingo straws! 

A bunch of temporary tattoos and name tags with redneck names for guests to choose from. 

Walmart always has the best Radom stuff like the vinyl stick on toilet seat picture. 
Towel from old hunting pants and dentures i brought home from case someone forgot to bring their own to the party 

And a redneck dream catcher 
Thanks to a&e for selling a life size Si!
Great photo prop 

My favorite pics of the shindig and big thanks to all my awesome friends willing to get redneck-o-fied. 

Me and my wonderful hubs who doesn't love theme parties but is a good sport for me
Elizabeth and M    Hostess with the mostest

 Love Kristin my other hostess with the mostest.. Love the roller skating rink 80's hair

Trailer park hotness!! 

My redneck Romeo 
Takin a dip
Don't mess with the trailer park
Beer goggles!!

Lastly funny gifts

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